Minnesota Millionaire Raffle

The Minnesota Millionaire Raffle takes place annually on January 1st, and with the North Star State's best odds of winning $1 million, it's an awesome way to start the New Year.

Playing is simple - just buy a $10 ticket and on New Year's Day, check if your six-digit number matches one of the over 12,000 winning numbers. There are two $1 million winners in every draw. Good luck!

Prizes and Odds of Winning

MN Millionaire Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Value Number of Prizes** Odds*
$1,000,000 2 1 in 350,000
$100,000 5 1 in 140,000
$25,000 5 1 in 140,000
$10,000 10 1 in 70,000
$500 100 1 in 7,000
$100 4,200 1 in 166.67
$50 8,000 1 in 87.50
*The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 56.81.
**Odds of winning shown are based on the sale of all 700,000 tickets; odds may vary depending on ticket sales.

2022 Raffle

There were two $1 million winners in the 2022 Raffle. The lucky tickets were sold at Kwik Trip #141 at 1100 7th Avenue in Two Harbors and Dollar Fresh at 3225 10th Street East in Glencoe. Each of the retailers was paid a $5,000 bonus for selling the tickets.

The $1 million winning numbers were 137174 and 312357.

You might be wondering about taxes, and yes, they're due on Raffle wins. The winners will pay a minimum of 31.25% federal and state withholding taxes on the amount over $5,000 - so the winners will receive an initial payment $689,062 each, which may increase when they complete their 2022 tax returns depending on their earnings.

Other big winners included five $100,000 and five $25,000 prizes. All lottery prizes above $5,000 are subject to the same level of tax withholdings.

The $100,000 winning tickets were sold at:

The $100,000 winning numbers were:

The $25,000 winning tickets were purchased from:

The $25,000 winning numbers were:

The deadline to redeem the $1 million and $100,000 tickets at Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville is December 30, 2022.