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Minnesota players have won more than $7 billion since ticket sales began in 1990, and the lottery has generated over $3 billion for programs that support good causes statewide, including education, health, public safety and the environment.

Minnesotans enjoy a range of games exclusive to the state, including Pick 3, Gopher 5 and North 5. Minnesota also participates in the big-dollar multi-state games Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto America. Or if you just can't wait for the next drawing to get the chance to win, try a scratch-off ticket, printed on demand whenever you feel like playing for the thrill of a cash prize.

On this site, you can check the latest numbers, game information and prize breakdowns for Minnesota's in-state and multi-state draw games.

Don't forget to check unclaimed prizes from Minnesota draw games too - find out if you're a lucky North Star State winner!

Gopher 5 Results
Monday July 15th 2024
25 33 34 38 46

Next Estimated Jackpot:
North 5 Results
Monday July 15th 2024
6 7 23 27 31

Next Estimated Jackpot:
Pick 3 Results
Monday July 15th 2024
7 8 8

Next Jackpot:
Lotto America Results
Monday July 15th 2024
1 7 10 40 41 9
All-Star Bonus: ×2

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$5.19 Million

About the Minnesota Lottery

In fiscal year 2021, the Minnesota Lottery had its highest ticket sales ever, $803.6 million - the fourth record-breaking year in a row. Here are some other Lottery highlights from fiscal year 2021:


How to Claim Minnesota Lottery Prizes

Are you a lucky Minnesota Lottery winner? Here's what you need to know to correctly claim your prize before it expires.

First things first - make sure to sign the back of your ticket right away and keep it in a safe place.

For lotto game prizes (that is, draw games like Powerball or Gopher 5), players have one year from the date of the winning draw to claim. For scratch tickets, prizes expire one year after the official end of the game. If the one-year end date is a weekend or holiday, you'll need to claim by the end of the following business day.

All winning tickets worth $50,000 and under can be claimed by mailing the signed ticket to the lottery. If you won $600 or more, you'll also need to fill out a winner claim form. Retailers may also pay out wins of $599 and under. For prizes over $50,000, winners will need to call the lottery to discuss claim options.

For wins over $5,000, the lottery will deduct 24 percent for federal taxes and 7.25 percent for state taxes before the prize is paid. Winners who do not live in the state, including Canadians, will have the 7.25 percent state tax deducted from any big wins.

What happens to the money when a prize goes unclaimed? If the winner doesn't cash their ticket by the deadline, the unclaimed prize money is contributed to the Minnesota General Fund. For multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions prizes, unclaimed wins are returned to the participating state s according to the percentage that they contributed to the prize fund.

For full details on how to redeem winning tickets, visit the where to claim prizes page.



Players must be at least 18 years old to purchase a Minnesota Lottery ticket, claim a prize, or participate in a contest.



The Minnesota Lottery was established in 1989 by an amendment to the state constitution and commenced ticket sales on April 17, 1990. Residents welcomed the lottery and the first week delivered $15 million in sales. Powerball tickets launched in August 1990 and Mega Millions followed in January 2010.

Since its launch, the lottery has contributed over $3 billion to programs that benefit the state. More than $1.2 billion has helped to protect the environment and natural resources across all 87 counties, and $1.8 billion has been raised to support vital state programs such as education, health, and public safety.

For every dollar spend on lottery purchases, approximately 25 cents goes to programs supporting Minnesota.