MN Daily 3

Daily 3 offers a selection of fun play styles for the chance to win cash prizes up to $500. Drawings are held seven days a week at 6:17 pm CT. Ticket sales finish at 6:10 pm CT, so be sure to pick up your tickets before then to enter that evening's draw.

MN Daily 3 Numbers

Have you won a Daily 3 prize? Check the latest live winning numbers from the most recent Minnesota Lottery draws below.

Monday May 10th 2021
8 5 2

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Past Daily 3 Numbers

Sunday May 9th 2021
2 7 6

Saturday May 8th 2021
6 5 6

Friday May 7th 2021
9 5 5

Thursday May 6th 2021
3 7 7

Wednesday May 5th 2021
1 7 2

Tuesday May 4th 2021
5 9 0

Game Details

How to Play Daily 3

Grab a playslip at any authorized lottery retailer and let's get started.

The fastest way to play is to select Quick Pick. You'll get the most popular bet type, Straight-Box, along with three random numbers. The cost is $1.00 (that's $0.50 for a Straight play plus $0.50 for a Box play, on one ticket). You can also choose your own wager amount.

Alternatively, you can choose your own numbers, play style, and wager amount.

Your playslip shows the two most popular bet amounts, $0.50 and $1.00. However, you can wager up to $5.00 - ask the clerk to manually enter your numbers, bet type and wager.

Check out the eight bet types below. The amounts shown are based on a $1.00 bet.

Select multi-draw to play your lucky numbers in up to 14 draws without leaving the house. You can claim a prize before all the draws have completed; you'll receive a new ticket with your numbers and future draws.

After your ticket prints, verify that the numbers and draws listed are correct.

Don't forget to sign the back of your ticket as soon as you purchase it and keep it in a safe place.


Check out the prizes and odds of winning for each of the eight bet types below. Prize amounts shown are based on a $1.00 bet. Odds are approximate.

MN Daily 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Bet Type Prize Odds of Winning
Straight $500 1 in 1,000
Straight/3-Way Box $330/$80 1 in 1,000/1 in 333.33
Straight/6-Way Box $290/$40 1 in 1,000/1 in 166.66
3-Way Box $160 1 in 333.33
6-Way Box $80 1 in 166.66
Back Pair $50 1 in 100
Front Pair $50 1 in 100
First Digit $5 1 in 10
Prize amounts are based on a $1 wager.
Odds are approximate.

Claiming Daily 3 Prizes

For more information on how to claim Minnesota Lottery wins, please visit the Where to Claim Prizes page.